ROKUS canned food is a healthy, complete meal prepared with delicious meat and the best ingredients. It provides your dog or cat with all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements needed to enjoy an adventurous life. ROKUS is produced in can sizes of 200 g, 415 g, 810 g and 1240 g, in a variety of flavors.   The ROKUS range now also includes dedicated life stage and functional products. The Anti-Struvite wet cat food is a complete food for sterile cats with struvite bladder stones. The carefully designed wet formula helps to dissolve struvite stones and reduces the risk of struvite stone recurrence. Our new line of Gut Support products include a diet supplemented with natural prebiotic fibres and medium-chain fatty acids cats and dogs will benefit from a balanced intestinal flora and optimal stool quality. The Life Stages range introduces complete wet foods designed for junior and senior cats and dogs. Diets have been developed considering nutritional needs of pets at particular life stages.   For more information and possibilities, contact us below!

Improved recipe

The right kind of diet should not only be satisfying, but also contain all the nutrients a cat or dog needs to stay healthy. As with humans, a good pet diet avoids deficiencies or excess of any nutrient. In our new ROKUS range, we balanced the recipes to provide adequate amounts of nutrients necessary for good health of cats and dogs. For that, we provided the right amount of protein and energy as well as optimal amount of each vitamin and trace element in a single can. While doing it we made sure that well-measured quantities of highly digestible pet friendly ingredients were used. 


415 g

810 g

1240 g




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415 g

810 g

LIFESTAGES | 415 g & 200 g

FUNCTIONAL | 415 g and 200 g