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De Haan Petfood is aware that you as a website visitor have confidence in us and therefore see it as our task to protect your privacy. Here you can read which data and why De Haan Petfood collects it when you visit our website.


Visiting this site gives you consent to our privacy policy which applies to our services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. De Haan Petfood ensures that personal information is treated confidentially and we respect the privacy of all visitors to the website.


Use of the collected data


Use of the services of De Haan Petfood


If you sign up for a service from us, De Haan Petfood will ask for your personal data to perform the service. Your data is stored by us on secure servers. These are our own servers or third party servers. We will not combine your data with other personal data to which we have access.



If you send e-mails or other messages to us, it may happen that they will be saved. Due to relevance, we may request personal information from you to process and respond to inquiries. Your data is stored by us on secure servers. These are our own servers or third party servers. We will not combine your data with other personal data to which we have access.



De Haan Petfood collects data for research so that we can better understand the needs of our customers to improve our services.


Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer, for example to analyze the website visit. This information created by the cookie can be moved to the secure server servers of De Haan Petfood or to servers of third parties. De Haan Petfood uses this data to analyze website visits and to create reports.



De Haan Petfood does not collect and process information for purposes other than those described in this privacy policy unless this has been agreed with you in advance.


Third parties

The information is not shared with third parties. In some circumstances, the information may be shared internally at De Haan Petfood, however, the employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your information.



Check this privacy statement regularly because this site can be adjusted and so can this privacy statement.


Personal data

We offer visitors to this site the option to view, modify or delete all personal information provided to us.


Adjust / unsubscribe newsletter service

If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can do so via an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. It is also possible to change your data. Please contact us.


Adjust / unsubscribe communication

If you want to change your data in our files or want all your data to disappear, please contact us.


Turn off cookies

Almost all browsers are set in such a way that they accept standard cookies. It is possible to set your browser not to accept cookies or to notify you when a cookie has been sent. Sometimes functions will not work on sites if cookies are not accepted.


Questions and feedback

De Haan Petfood regularly checks whether this privacy policy is being complied with. Questions about our privacy policy? Then contact us.


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